Tips to follow while buying diamond rings


Diamonds are very precious and expensive too. We all know this, but we do not pay attention to the way in which we shop them and this sometimes leads to a wrong purchase. Since they are precious, you should be then more careful before buying them. Before you go and shop for diamond rings there are a few of the things that you should keep in your mind. Following are the things

To know about the 4 Cs

The first step is to know about the 4 Cs of diamond shopping. These are as follows.

  1. Cut – one must know about this basic thing before they go for diamond shopping. This least knowledge is very important that the cut of the diamond decides a lot of things. If the cut is not good, then the diamond will look pale and there won’t be any shine on it. So, having the knowledge of proper cut is very necessary. Diamond rings Auckland has the best cuts.


  1. Colour– you should know that the diamonds come in various colours. Now, these colours are depicted from letters and it starts from D and ends at Z. The colourless diamonds are the most expensive one. If you move towards D to Z the price of the diamond will decrease.


  1. Clarity- even if you are going for the diamond ring shopping for the first time, you must know that the diamonds are known for their clarity. The quality of the diamond is directly proportional to the clarity of it. So, if the clarity of the diamond is not good the quality won’t be good.


  1. Carat– not just for the diamond rings, but for every other jewelry shopping, this is very important. In simple words, the carat decides the quality and then ultimately the price of the ring. However, the other factors mentioned previously also matters at this time.


How to test them?

After these 4 Cs, there are certain tests that are done for the test of the diamond, whether it is real or not. This is again very important as you do not want yourselves to be bluffed. Before buying any kind of diamond rings you should test the diamond first. The tests like the breath test, sandpaper tests are done to confirm the reality of the diamond. Now, most of the people do not know about these tests, but you should learn these if you want real diamonds.

Search for the best shop

After this, one more step that is very important when you go for the diamond ring shopping is the choice of the shop. This should be done by seeing the hallmark or the certification of the diamonds. You need to search for such shop which has the hallmarked jewelry.

So, the diamonds are bought for special occasions of your life and you do not want it to be ruined. In order to make your happy moment happier, consider the above points before you go for diamond shopping.