Importance of a Time Clock in Professional World


Today many people keep time clock in their companies to check their worker’s progress. It has been installed to fulfil the needs and goals of the company depending on their field. This article will give you some knowledge about the time clock and its role in running a business.

What exactly is the Time Clock?

Keeping such types of the clock can help the administration department of the company to calculate the actual time the worker dedicated to working. This would also help them in calculations of their salaries. The system has been used since ancient times to monitor the work progress in the building of castles or monuments and many more. This helps them to see the daily work progress and the required time to complete the full process.


The sure shot advantage of the time clock is to give benefits to both companies and their employees.

Benefits for Firm:

  • Timekeeping help the company to calculate the pay of the employees, who pay them hourly rates
  • The future workload can easily be calculated by deciding the current time progress
  • They will get ease in understanding about the time required to perform a particular task
  • Using such methods create discipline and decorum in offices, encourage punctuality among employees

Benefits to Employees:

  • Using the time clock method an employee can easily distribute their hard and time-consuming work with the easy one thus can plan his day’s work accordingly.
  • You can create your challenge by observing the time
  • You can often decide that the work assign to you can be completed in the remaining time or not and thus can say no to your seniors.
  • It can lead you to achieve promotions if you are capable enough to perform efficient work in a day

Types of Time clock:

Various latest and also at convenient prices of this timekeeping equipment have been present in the market today. You can decide on the parameters you need to collect. Some of the common are mentioned here.

Punch-in Type: These are especially for the companies that follow the shift methods of production. They need only the in and out details of the workers. Their work quality is being checked by them through the supervisors they hired. These companies often need the attendance and time duration of the employees to calculate the salary.

Finger Print Type: This method is neater and often used in corporate MNC and software companies for the recording time in and out of employees. The data can be back up in a cloud. The employer gets a clear idea of their overtime hours throughout the month, hence can expect its salary. The data entered in this type of machine is secured.

Facial Recognition type: This type of time clock recognizes faces. This eliminates the use of badges and the machine does not take much time. It comes up with a dual-camera system that can do 3-D to take clear pictures efficiently.

At last, now you know the benefits and types of time clock use it for best.