Services that you can expect from your SEO agency


The increasing demand for SEO services has made outsourcing SEO agencies very popular and much sought after. With the help of these agencies, most businesses are planning to improve their online exposure which will increase their popularity and ultimately, their profits. But before you plan to hire an agency, it is important that you know in details the various services that you can expert from the firm. This is important to avoid setting up unrealistic expectations and goals which may be quite harmful to your business.

Most agencies that work on outsourcing SEO projects usually have a fixed working methodology that they have devised and modified over the years. Though these strategies may vary from firm to firm, yet they usually comprise of certain common methods/techniques that are useful for the optimization process. The most common services that SEO firms offer to their clients are as follows:

Research and audit

Before a project starts, the agency needs to carry out a comprehensive research related to the keywords, the competition, keyword traffic, competitors, etc. This information proves vital in formulating the perfect strategy for a business so as to improve search results, traffic influx, and conversion rates. The firm will also have to audit the business website and come up with a proper review of its various shortcomings and what changes need to be done so as to facilitate SEO.

Performance analysis

If the website/brand has been online for quite some time now, it would be important to analyze its present situation in terms of SEO and search engine compatibility. Outsourcing SEO firms usually review the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools results to get an insight into how the website has been performing till now and the negatives or the positives that may be present. Also, if SEO services have been used earlier to promote the website/brand, the firm will check out how well it has performed and the effects it had on the website’s exposure. The entire analysis becomes a strong basis for further strategies and development.


Websites need to be revamped from time to time and most expert SEO firms offer this service. The design of the website may need to be changed to give it a fresh and attractive look. The coding may also need modification and improvement to allow for better features, easy navigation and making it user-friendly. The content of the website may also need to be changed so as to present something new to the visitors as well to the search engines.

Link building and optimization

The outsourcing SEO firm will build new links to your website and also optimize all existing links so that your website can gain more popularity and exposure. The better the exposure is, the better will be the traffic influx and more will be the potential customers. Naturally, your sales will go up and bring in more profits. However, do ensure that the firm uses White Hat tactics only for link building. Else, you may be penalized at a later time.